Notations: Imagery of Words & Music

by Kristine Bouyoucos

Stop by Harold Hacker Hall at the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County to see the latest exhibit by local artist Kristine Bouyoucos, Notations: Imagery of Words & Music. On display now through July 18, 2018.Some of the works  are reflecting the polarized world we inhabit at this moment in time.

Since childhood music has been a constant in my life, yet Printmaking became my artistic means of expression.

For the past few years, combining musical manuscripts with suitable imagery, has been an important part of my work as an artist and a  Printmaker. Having had musical training for long periods of my life, this seemed a natural path for me to follow.I have chosen favorite passages from composers as different as JS Bach to George Crumb. Forming a bridge between the composers’ scores and musical intent with my own work,
has been a great joy and my effort to honor each composer.I often describe my work as Mixed Media, which means that any number of printmaking techniques are contained in the same piece.
I use Photo Polymer plates for my etchings, which I often collage with special, digital transparencies or digital printing on top, creating a rich, layered look, echoing the multi  layers of the  different voices in music and at the same time creating a certain mystery to the mood of each work.The symbolism of a de-constructed Flag adds to the tension, especially when turned upside down, as the Flag then  becomes a recognized call of distress.  As a background for this series of prints, I have chosen very descriptive  words and notations, to clearly establish the choices we have.  There is a moral imperative that we should never loose sight of…

I was born and grew up in Norway.  My ties to that country is still strong, with most of my family still there.  After Gymnasium, a BS degree and Printmaking courses at RIT, I spent many years weaving and eventually also developed a strong interest in creating Artist Books, where content, construction and knowledge of different papers present an exciting challenge..  Still, through the years, it was always Printmaking and Digital printing, that most interested me.

My work has appeared in exhibits across the US, including in New York City, Houston, Chicago and Seattle. Also in numerous international venues and representation in permanent collections.