Punjab: Land of Five Rivers

Journey to the Land of Five Rivers and explore the majestic beauty and rich culture of the northern state of Punjab, India. Once an ancient Indus Valley civilization, Punjab is now a modern society of varied religions and ancestries revered for its agricultural harvest, vibrant festivals, colorful clothing, energetic music and dance, savory cuisine, and inspirational poetry. Known as the Breadbasket of India, Punjab produces an abundance of wheat and rice that is not only life-sustaining but a symbol of the renewal of the human spirit. This exhibit showcases a gift the world has reaped over five millennia — the earthly and ethereal bounty of Punjab.

The exhibit is organized by the India Heritage Museum, located at the Vinod and Vinay Luthra India Heritage Center in Macedon.

The exhibit Punjab: Land of Five Rivers will be on view at the Central Library Rundel Memorial Library Building, December 1, 2021 – March 5, 2022

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