Bi-Folkal Kits

A kit is a multimedia presentation to spur discussion and memories. Bi-Folkal kits provide captivating, informing and stimulating activities for older adults. Focusing on reminiscence, remembering and reflecting, the kits can be used with any group of older adults or mixed-age groups. Each kit is designed to unlock remarkable stories, humorous anecdotes, and first-person accounts of history, experience and life.

Every kit features:

  • A program manual with general programming tips, specific instructions, how to use the kit with mixed age groups, plus additional ideas and resources
  • A media presentation (DVD or slides)
  • 25 sing-along booklets in large, easy-to-read type
  • An additional CD or cassette with sing-alongs on one side and stories on the other
  • Things to touch such as objects, textures, shapes, scented items and more, as varied as the kit topic
  • Additional activities such as skits, maps and crossword puzzles

How do I borrow one?

  • Review the list of kits. Click here to see the list of RPL holdings.
  • Reserve the kit at least 2 weeks in advance to insure that you receive the kit on time. To reserve a kit click on the list of kits above, then on the reserve button beside the kit desired.
  • The kit will be sent to the library of your choice at least three days before you need to pick it up. The kit will have a 2 week due date and is not renewable.

In addition to kits, you may also like:

  • Mini Kits: Mini Kits include the audio/visual component of the Bi-Folkal Kits without the teaching tools and photocopies.
  • Slideas: Slides plus ideas makes slideas. These theme slide sets or DVDs are ready to use with a slide projector or an individual viewer, or a DVD player. The kit includes a script to read, activity ideas, discussion starters and a resource list.
  • Actiphile/Slidea Topics: These kits contain photocopy masters for more than a dozen activities on a single topic.  There are large print activities, skits, short stories, recipes and songs.  Combined with Slideas sets and they are double the fun!
  • Picture Sets: Each kit includes a manual with background on “reminiscence therapy”, therapy activities, historical information and discussion questions for each of the black and white photos.
  • Visitation Kits: Cards with props and a guide for use during one-on-one visits.