Craft it Forward @ the Library

Craft Scarves for Crafting Democracy

Craft a scarf for someone to take home with them from the Crafting Democracy Exhibit that will be on display at the Central Library during the fall. These scarves will be collected and put on display with the exhibit for people to take when they visit the exhibit. Scarves can be made at home and brought in to be a part of the exhibit until September 30

Make a scarf at home- Instructions

Crafting Democracy Exhibit

Co-curated by Juliee Decker, Ph.D., Associate professor, Museum Studies Program at RIT, and Hinda Mandell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Communications at RIT

Crafting Democracy showcases how objects of material culture can provoke and engage everyday citizens, including those of marginalized identities, as productive tools in deliberative democracies. Craft can also aid those wanting their voices to be amplified through the process of making. The works on display in the Crafting Democracy exhibit come from Rochester-area residence of all ages along with that of art-activists (“craftivists”) from across the U.S. and abroad., who use the traditional tools of craft (yarn, thread, textiles) to make statements about socio-political, cultural, and economic issues that have engaged them, prompting them to turn to craft as a pathway to positive change, and a tool for enacting social justice. Learn more about accompanying programs here