Health & Human Services

Landlord Statement

When you rent to a recipient of Temporary Assistance a Landlord Statement must be completed and signed by both the landlord and the tenant. The completed form must be turned into the Department of Human Services (DHS) for review and to be processed. If anyone other than the property owner is completing the Landlord Statement they MUST supply a copy of the Management Agreement, LLC, Trust or other authorizing paperwork outlining who is authorized to sign the Landlord Statement and receive rents. The Landlord Statement will not be processed without this information. Click here for a copy of the Landlord Statement form.

NY Crime Victims Help

Crime victims often have legal needs as a result of becoming a victim of crime. Get information about your legal needs and what your rights are. You can also search their directory to find a trusted nonprofit legal aid program that may be able to help and find legal forms for matters that you can handle yourself.

Health Insurance Navigators

The Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County has partnered with LawNY to offer free and confidential Health Insurance Navigator Services.

Library Resource Outreach Center

LROC is a collaboration between the Rochester Public Library and local human services agencies to offer services to the homeless, those in danger of becoming homeless, and those in need of access  to the various resources listed below, without barriers.

  • There are no eligibility standards for services
  • No appointments necessary
  • We work to eliminate, or lessen, barriers to other services

LROC is staffed by employees of Person Centered Housing Options, MC Collaborative and Volunteer Legal Services, as well as interns and volunteers.

LROC can connect patrons to services and resources including:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Income
  • Case Management
  • Medical care
  • Legal Assistance
  • Employment

Our three fold approach:

  • Meet people where they are at
  • Build relationships through immediate or expedited access to services
  • Approach patrons in the library to engage then in services

LROC Hours and Contact

Central Library
115 South Ave. Rochester, NY  14604
(585) 428-8015

Tuesdays 1 – 3 pm – Person-Centered Housing Options (PCHO)
Thursdays 1 – 3 pm – MCCollaborative (various services)
Fridays 1 – 3 pm – Legal Assistance of Western New York


Located on the 3rd floor of the Bausch and Lomb Public Library building of the Central Library.