Beyond Books

Special Collections are unique materials beyond what is found in the Local History & Genealogy Division that you can access at your local Rochester Public Libraries for in-house use or to check out.

The Rochester Public Libraries house more than just books and DVDs. Today you can borrow all sorts of items from your local library including fishing poles, sewing machines, unique books, seeds, games and so much more! Listed below are Rochester Public Library locations and some Special Collection that they house within their library that you can access for in-house use or check out with your MCLS Library card.

VIP Passes

Empire Passes

Central Library

Charlotte Branch Library

  • Dulcimers 
  • Local History collection including the history of Charlotte, Rochester & the Genesee Region

Lincoln Branch Library

  • Toy Library
  • Spanish Language Collection for Kids, Teens and Adults

Monroe Branch Library

  • Braille Materials for Children and Teens
  • Literacy Kits for kids, teens & adults on a variety of subjects.
  • Educational Kits, including Language, Social Studies & Science.
  • Umbrellas
  • USB Cords: for in-library use.
  • Seed Library (available in the spring.)
  • Garden Tool Sets
  • Record Player and Vinyl LPs

Winton Branch Library

  • Adult Books and DVDs in Russian

Sully Branch Library