Equipment Rental

The Reynolds Media Center of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County rents equipment.

Many people are finding old 8mm or 16mm films, slides and VHS tapes that they no longer can view. Before you pay to have those items transferred to a digital format, you can rent a projector from the Library for $5.00/day to view them and be sure they are worth having transferred. For those VHS tapes, we rent a unit for $25.00/day that will record your VHS tapes to a DVD.

The Reynolds Media Center also has LCD projectors to display computer images or a video signal to a large screen format. They rent for only $45.00/day.

Anyone with a Monroe County Library System card can book equipment in advance. Equipment must be picked up at and returned to the Central Library. Sundays or days the Central Library is closed do not count when calculating the total rental charge. A 24-hour notice is required before pick-up and a NYS Driver’s License or ID must be presented when picking up equipment.

Please contact the Reynolds Media Center at 585-428-8360 for more information or to see if we have the type of equipment you’re looking for.

Online Audiovisual Equipment Rental Form