Friendship Doll Exchange

The City of Rochester received two beautiful dolls from Nagasaki, Japan on Wednesday, October 24; upholding a 91 year friendship through the gift of dolls. In 1927, a ground breaking doll exchange took place between Japanese and American school children as an act of friendship. Thousands of dolls were sent from the US to Japan. In response 58 ambassador dolls were sent from Japan to the US. One of those dolls calls Rochester home and over the past 91 years that gift of friendship through dolls has continued. Today these two dolls were presented to the City of Rochester by Dr. Masao Tomanaga on behalf of Mayor Taue of Nagasaki, Japan to show continued friendship between the city of Nagasaki and the city of Rochester. Sakurako (the taller of the two dolls,) will join the original ambassador doll Miss Nagasaki at the Rochester Museum & Science Center. The other, Yoko, will join the George Cooper doll collection here at the Central Library. We are very honored to be receiving these dolls and happy to have the opportunity to provide a loving home to one of them here at the library.