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The Central Library Liberators Esports Team

Our Mission:

To provide high school and middle school students with the opportunity to pursue their interests in esports and STEM related academic curricula and work-related interests while developing a greater sense of community and enhancing their skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, teamwork, analysis and problem-solving.

The Central Library Liberators are an esports team registered with the North American Scholastic Esports Federation and managed by NASEF Fellow, Jeff Bostic. The team officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) lead the team in local and national tournaments. Since their start in September 2022, the Liberators have become Twitch Affiliates. They stream every Monday and Wednesday at . They also completed the Farmcraft II Challenge by defeating the creators of the game. Middle school and High school students can register for open spots on the team during the school year. Kids 11-18 years of age can participate in open tournaments during the summer.

Follow the Liberators here on their YouTube channel.

There are no dues to be a member of the Club. Education and learning shall always be a right for every student at no cost.

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