Job Information Center

The Job Information Center (JIC), located on the third floor of the Bausch & Lomb Public Library Building, has a comprehensive collection of materials designed for people who are exploring careers and seeking employment. Its specialized resources include civil service test preparation materials, career information items, and test preparation books.

Career Information

Materials are available to borrow pertaining to resume writing, job searching, writing cover letters, and job interview questions.  Resources are accessible for individuals to view current local job announcements.  Job information is readily available, which includes handouts containing job websites, places in Rochester that provide employment assistance, and a bulletin board with updated job announcements.

The Job Information Center has specialized materials to meet the needs of patrons who are required to take City of Rochester, Monroe County, New York State, or New York State Unified Courts civil service exams for employment. In addition to test preparation materials, copies of the current Civil Service Job Announcements are available to view for the city, county, state, and the statewide unified court system.

Government Job Listings and Civil Service Announcements

City of Rochester Employment Opportunities and Civil Service Exam Announcements

Monroe County Employment

New York State Employment 

State Unified Courts Employment

Helpful Resources

Job Seekers Toolkit

Rochester Works

New York State Department of Labor

Western New York Jobs