Library Cards for Kids

Children ages 0-5 years old can now get a Young Explorers (YES) card!

A YES card enables children birth to five years of age to borrow materials up to five children’s items and access computers.

The Rochester Public Library has a commitment to library service which contributes to the growth and development of children of all ages by providing:

  • Collections that meet high standards of quality and reflect changing interests of children and changes in society.
  • Age appropriate books, music, and technology.
  • Activities and programs to enrich children’s lives, and encourage their use of libraries.
  • Cooperation with schools and other community organizations serving children.
  • Trained librarians with expertise and knowledge in serving children.

The children’s sections of the Rochester Public Library provide materials, programs, and services for children from infancy through sixth grade. They also serve parents and other adults who work with children and/or are interested in their literature.

Once a child turns five, it is up to the parent or responsible adult to request the borrowing limit be changed. The YES card is limited to children’s materials.

Children may obtain a library card from the library with permission from their parents or responsible adult. The responsible adult listed on a juvenile or young adult account is financially responsible for all materials borrowed and must show proof of residency at time of application.