MiFi/Hotspots added

Recognizing that many City residents do not have internet at home, in March the Library’s Reynolds Media Center (RMC) procured 500 mifi/hotspots for borrowing. The availability of the units was much appreciated by patrons:

“I am a regular library patron: I use the computer and WiFi for my phone there, because it’s too expensive to get at home. I so appreciate getting this [device] from the library – since COVID-19 happened I have been in touch with my family and friends more than ever to let them know how much I love and care for them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…” ~ J.Z.

“We used to have internet at home, but as the bill went up, our family could no longer afford it. We were using the internet at the Central and Irondequoit libraries before they had to close. I am homeschooling my two children, and we would be stuck without this mobile internet service – we would have zero access to resources. Now we can use Overdrive, my daughter can continue her art classes on Zoom, and both children can continue their schoolwork and entertainment.” ~ Rachel

Meeting the needs of our patrons

When the COVID pandemic hit in March 2020, the library quickly pivoted its collections and services to continue to meet the informational, educational and entertainment needs of the City’s residents.

RPL increased its digital content (e-books, e-audiobooks and streaming video) purchases and circulated 157,677 digital titles in 2020—an increase of 36% over 2019.

Understanding Black experiences

Given the challenging events that gripped the nation and ushered in a new era of reckoning, the Library began prioritizing equity as one of its core values and objectives and we provided resources for patrons that address issues of racial inequity and discrimination.

A diverse team of library staff collaborated to create a collection of print and digital materials as an educational resource for the community. The Understanding Black Experiences web page includes resources on historical connections; books, e-books and More; film and the arts and community resources.

RPL also provided immediate access to downloads of the e-books and e-audiobooks of How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi and White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo.

Annual Report Highlights