Hear Our Patrons


Listen how Library patrons appreciated the services offered during the pandemic:


RPL Patron Gratitude Video: “Marion and internet connections”


Speaking about her excitement upon borrowing a mi-fi unit. “I can’t tell you how excited I was. Who knew one little box could bring you so much comfort and keep you connected? Libraries are wonderful and RPL is one of the best.” ~ Marion uses Sully Branch


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RPL Patron Gratitude Video: “Kate and the Winton Branch”


“It’s not just a place to get books, the library is part of our community. We are so blessed to have librarians and pages at the Winton Branch that are so helpful and supportive. We feel loved.”


View Katie’s video

RPL Patron Gratitude Video: “John and Central’s Writing Classes”


“The library has always been there for me throughout my life; without the virtual writing classes I would not have the confidence in my writing that I do now. The kind gestures of others in the class have made a lifelong impact on me” ~ John uses Central


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