Historic Scrapbooks Collection


Central Library project. 1923. Two volumes of clippings discussing the choice of where to build the central library building of the Rochester public Library.

Volume 1

Volume 2


Douglass, Frederick. Obituaries, accounts of his funeral and other material. 1895. Scrapbook of Rochester, N.Y., newspaper clippings.


Early Rochester family records. Compiled by Anah Yates, 19—. Consists of handwritten materials and newspaper articles.


[Extracts from scrapbook]. Fisher, M. J. Acer, 1889. A few leaves from the diary of an Underground Railroad conductor by William S. Falls from the Democrat & Chronicle dated June 12, 1881 — Mrs. Amy Post at rest from unidentified publication dated January 30, 1889.


[Frederick Douglass scrapbook, 1884-1905]. Scrapbook of clippings and obituaries from mostly Rochester, N.Y. newspapers about Frederick Douglass and the Douglass Monument. Includes writing and speech by him. Only 21 leaves have attached clippings.


Korean war soldiers from the Rochester area. Compiled by George Coghill. 1976. Two volumes of newspaper clippings.

Volume 1

Volume 2


[Monroe County War Savings Committee Stamps
A scrapbook of clippings covering the sale of War Savings Stamps in the summer of 1918, compiled by Mrs. Sherman Clarke.


Newspaper clippings scrapbooks. A collection of scrapbooks with newspaper articles dealing mainly with infrastructure projects of Rochester New York, including roadways, bridges, sewers, water supply, libraries and other public buildings. Some articles cover City of Rochester programs in the public parks, including concerts. Later volumes document the city’s efforts to combat joblessness and homelessness during the Great Depression.



1903-July 1906

January 1928-August-1928

August 1928-May 1929

June 1929-May 1930

June 1930-April 1931

May 1931-February 1932

February 1932-October 1932

October 1932-May 1933

May 1933-December 1933


[Records of service in the European War]. Young Men’s
Christian Associations, Rochester N.Y. [1922?]. Contains listing of names of those from Monroe and Livingston counties who served in the YMCA of Rochester N.Y. during the first World War, along with completed information forms of participants. Also contains a history of the Municipal Museum Rest &Recreation Room.


Red Cross scrapbook. [19–]. Scrapbook of
materials covering the history of the American Red Cross in Rochester and the
state of New York during World War I.


Rochester Civil War veterans: roster and scrapbook, Grand Army of the Republic, Dept. of New York and auxiliaries. Grand Army of the Republic, Dept. of New York [1948]. Includes: Personal war sketches of the members of E.G. Marshall Post No. 397 of Rochester [by Richard Curran] which was presented to the Post in 1892.


Rochester Museum Obituary Scrapbooks.1908-1930. Scrapbooks of obituaries from Rochester, N.Y. area newspapers. No. 1-12 contain mostly local obituaries for the years 1912-1927, although No. 2-4, 12 consist of mostly out-of-town regional obituaries. No. 13 consists of 1922-1926 obituaries, etc. about George W. Aldridge, mayor of Rochester in 1894. No. 14 consists of 1922-1923 obituaries, etc. about Hiram H. Edgerton, mayor of Rochester from 1908 to 1921. No. 15-16 consist of 1916-1926 obituaries of local World War I soldiers.

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5
Volume 6
Volume 7
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10
Volume 11
Volume 12
Volume 13
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 16


Rochester Public Library branch libraries. Compiled by Anthony Lembo, 1986. Scrapbook was compiled from newspaper clipping files of the Local History Division, Rochester Public Library. Clippings are dated 1949 to 1985 and originated from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and the Rochester Times-Union newspapers.


Rochester Public Library: our pages in the service, World War II. 1944-1951. A scrapbook of clippings and photographs of library pages who served in the military.


Rochester Public Library Staff Association archives. 1934-1958. Two volumes of photographs, clippings, programs, etc. of the events of the R.P.L. Staff Association.

Volume 1

Volume 2


[Rochester school buildings scrapbook]. [19–]


Rochester Red Wings scrapbooks. Ahrens, Jean Uffelman, 1933-. Ten volumes of clippings on the Rochester Red Wings, the International League and professional baseball in general cimpiled by Jean Uffelman Ahrens.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5 

Volume 6

Volume 7 

Volume 8

Volume 9

Volume 10


The Rochester Riots of 1964: A Scrapbook. [1964-1969]. Compiled by Nancy Watts.

Volume 1.

Volume 2.


RVF Rochester — History — Streets: “Colorful streets of Rochester.” [1917-1935]. Three volumes of articles on Rochester streets.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3


 RVF History, streets (names).  [1936-1951]. Scrapbook of articles on the history of street names in Rochester, N.Y.


RVF Rochester — Biography Men.  Twenty volumes of newspaper clippings about Rochester, N.Y. men. Volumes are in more or less alphabetical order. View index here.

Volume 1 Volume 11 Volume 21   Volume 31* Volume 41
Volume 2 Volume 12 Volume 22   Volume 32*   Volume 42
Volume 3 Volume 13 Volume 23 Volume 33*   Volume 43
Volume 4 Volume 14 Volume 24   Volume 34*   Volume 44
Volume 5 Volume 15 Volume 25   Volume 35*   Volume 45
Volume 6 Volume 16 Volume 26   Volume 36   Volume 46
Volume 7 Volume 17 Volume 27   Volume 37   Volume 47
Volume 8 Volume 18 Volume 28*   Volume 38   Volume 48
Volume 9 Volume 19 Volume 29*   Volume 39   Volume 49
Volume 10 Volume 20 Volume 30*   Volume 40   Volume 50
*George Eastman only
Volume 51 Volume 61   
Volume 52 Volume 62      
Volume 53 Volume 63   
Volume 54 Volume 64      
Volume 55 Volume 65      
Volume 56 Volume 66      
Volume 57 Volume 67      
Volume 58 Volume 68
Volume 59
Volume 60

RVF Rochester — Biography Women. [1920-1940]. Twenty volumes of newspaper clippings about Rochester, N.Y. women. Volumes are in more or less alphabetical order. View index here.

Volume 1 Volume 11
Volume 2 Volume 12
Volume 3 Volume 13
Volume 4 Volume 14
Volume 5 Volume 15
Volume 6 Volume 16
Volume 7 Volume 17
Volume 8 Volume 18
Volume 9 Volume 19
Volume 10 Volume 20


Scrapbook of Clippings: James A. Hard. [1941-1953]. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings on James A. Hard, last Rochester Civil War veteran.