Wheatland Historical Association Digital Collections

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  • A survey of the Village of Scottsville, Stevens, surveyer. 1841. Nine hand-drawn maps dated 1841; also includes list of subscribers, handwritten explanation of maps, portrait of Selden S. Brown; in later undated binding.


Deed to Thomas Morris conveying Town of Wheatland, etc. 1794. Oliver and Mary Phelps.

Wheatland records. Contains 35 volumes of  records relating to the Town of Wheatland for various years, mainly from the 1800s. Includes school records, tax records, town audits, election records, Town Supervisors’ records and various other miscellaneous items.


Address delivered in “Sheffer’s Grove” at Wheatland’s Centennial Celebration, September 13, 1889. Geo. E. Slocum.

Daybook, 1827-1852 / Charles Strang. This volume contains a mostly chronological accounting of the financial affairs of farmer and carpenter Charles Strang of Caledonia, including daily expenses of farm and household. The latter part also contains medicinal recipes to treat various ailments.

Diaries and memoranda of the Genesee Country, by Howard L. Osgood. The collection has been arranged into three series. The first two each contain miscellaneous notes,
while the last is an alphabetical index of names, along with some miscellaneous matter and a mimeographed sheet titled Partial List of Indian Traders in Western New York.

Diary and papers of Peter McNaughton : a Wheatland soldier in the Civil War, by George Skivington. 1906-1941? This collection consists of one fitted container; contents include a photograph of Peter McNaughton, a foreword by George J. Skivington, a chronology of Peter McNaughton’s diary, the diary of Peter McNaughton written in the form of a letter to his brother Jamison dated February 17, 1906, miscellaneous documents and pictures, extracted pages from Chronicles of the 151st Volunteers by Helena Adelaide Howell and a letter dated December 14, 1941 to George J. Skivington from Chas. Wilkinson.

Diary of Mary Thorn,1855-1856.

List of invitations to Wheatland’s Centennial Celebration at Brown’s Grove, Scottsville, September 13, 1889. List of names and copies of the invitation.

Minutes and records of the Scottsville Literary Society, 1871-1937. This collection consists of 10 series, and contains meeting minutes, the Scottsville Literary Society’s constitution and roll of members and several printed inserts of general programs, along with a handful of newspaper clippings. The minutes are arranged chronologically.

Papers of Morley B. Turpin. 1783-1954. The collection consists of handwritten and typescript letters and notes to Morley B. Turpin and local historian Howard L. Osgood from various individuals ; as well as copies of documentation received from organizations such as the Canadian Archives, Pennsylvania Archives, the Massachusetts Historical Society, various libraries and other historical associations; genealogical information pertaining to Ebenezer Allan, Walter Butler, Anson Colman and Joseph Bull ; several hand drawn maps and photographs; a typescript copy of an address given by Morley Turpin at Delaware, Ontario on June 22, 1939 ; newspaper clippings including columns on the naming of Rochester streets and obituaries of Morley Turpin ; copies of letters from Charles Williamson to a Mr. Harrison from 1793; transcripts of proceedings with the Six Nations Confederacy in July 1783 ; copies of Sayenqueraghta, King of the Senecas, by Geo. S. Conover, supplement November 1886 ; transcript of Edwin Scrantom’s The Old Red Mill (Old citizen’s letter No. 85) ; several manuscripts including one titled Indian Affairs at the Close of Revolution, with Particular Reference to Land Matters, another titled Indian Affairs in New York in 1783, an untitled manuscript pertaining to the history of Western New York and the Phelps and Gorham Purchase; and a copy of the divorce decree of Morley Turpin and Theresa Turpin dated 1904 from the State of South Dakota.Copies of Sayenqueraghta, King of the Senecas, by Geo. S. Conover, supplement November 1886 found in Turpin papers.Transcript of Old citizen’s letter No. 85, manuscript of Indian Affairs at the Close of Revolution, manuscript, U. S. Indian Affairs in New York in 1783 found in Records of Ebenezer Allan 3.

Publications of the Scottsville Literary Society.1903. List of titles and purchasers.

The Settler of the Township of Wheatland : Peter Sheffer.  A collection of memorabilia from him and his family, e.g. his papers and deeds. Includes 2 daguerreotypes, his will, 7 deeds and a map of his land.


Dr. Freeman Edson’s surgical and dental instruments. Digital image showing a leather case containing various medical tools.


Early Rochester homes. A scrapbook of articles, mainly from the Democrat & Chronicle, dating from the 1930s. Contains many articles in the “Old Rochester Homes” series.

Rambles in local history, 1936-1940, 1958, compiled by Frederick F. Keith.

Scrapbook, compiled by Ella Howe. 1928. Clippings on Dr. William Howe, physician ; Wheatland local obituaries 1920, 1930, Florence Beckwith obituary ( niece of Ella Howe) ; wedding accounts 1910-1920 ; articles of local interest.

Scrapbooks, by William Wilkinson. 1938-1948. This collection is arranged in 11 scrapbook volumes. It does not include volumes 4, 5 and 6. No. 1 is a handwritten and illustrated history of Clarkson N.Y. Numbers 2 and 3 contain sketches of the Rochester N.Y. area, as well as of Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Boston and New York City. The rest of the volumes consist of a mix of handwritten and illustrated pages with some newspaper clippings: Number 7 One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Persons and Places in Rochester History ; Number 8 Rochester Past and Present ; Number 9 Right Round Rochester; Number 10 Wake Up Rochester; Number 11 This is Rochester ; Number 12 Rochester Bulleave it or Not ; Number 13 Rochester Your Town and Mine ; Number 14 Rochester Strange but True. Number 13 also contains handwritten transcriptions of the Civil War letters of soldier John B. McNaughton and genealogical information about the McNaughton family.

Wheatland, Monroe County New York: a brief sketch of its history, by George Skivington. This collection is organized according to the chapters of George E. Slocum’s 1908 book on the history of Wheatland. Volume 1 includes much information about George E. Slocum and Ebenezer Allan, along with copies of The Genesee Tract by George S. Conover (November, 1889), Rochester History
Volume I No. 1 (1939), Ebenezer Allan in the Genesee Country by Morley Beebe Turpin and a typescript about Ebenezer Allan’s title to land in Wheatland. Volume 2 contains information and ephemera on early Wheatland settlers, businesses and infrastructure. Volume 3 contains more information on businesses and infrastructure, with an insert of the Pioneer Railroad Centennial Celebration, 1838-1938 (presentation edition) by the Big Springs Historical Society, plus The First Houses in Scottsville by George Slocum (1908). Volume 4 contains more information about villages and schools and town organization.
Volume 5 contains information about local soldiers, plus an insert on Notes on the Visits of American and British Naval Vessels to the Genesee River, 1809-1814, a typescript by F. X. Beckwith titled Memorandum of Incidents of Journeys Made by Me to the Far West in 1845 and another typescript on the corporate history of the Village of Scottsville. Volume 6 contains a typescript on Reminiscences of John W. Carson, another typescript concerning the Twiman Affair, the enrollment list for the Town of Wheatland 1938-39, a transcription of Charles Williamson’s View of the Present Situation of the Western Parts of the State of New York (1804), as well as subject and name indexes.


The Anti masonic almanac, for the year 1831: / by Edward Giddins.

The Anti-masonic almanac, for the year of the Christian era, 1829 : Calculated for the horizon of Rochester, N.Y. but will serve without essential variation, for any place within one hundred miles north or south, and two hundred east or west of that village. … / By Edward Giddins.

Description of the settlement of the Genesee country, in the state of New-York. : In a series of letters from a gentleman to his friend, by Charles Williamson. 1799.

Josiah Priest, historian of the American frontier: a study and bibliography, by Winthrop Hillyer Duncan. American Antiquarian Society, 1934.

A narrative of the life of Mrs. Mary Jemison, who was taken by the Indians, in the year 1775, when only about twelve years of age, and has continued to reside amongst them to the present time : containing an account of the murder of her father and his family : her sufferings : her marriage to two Indians : her troubles with her children : barbarities of the Indians in the French and revolutionary wars : the life of her last husband, &c. : and many historical facts never before published : carefully taken from her own words, Nov. 29th, 1823 : to which is added, an appendix, containing an account of the tragedy at the Devil’s Hole, in 1763, and of Sullivan’s expedition : the traditions, manners, customers, &c., of the Indians, as believed and practised at the present day, and since Mrs. Jemison’s captivity : together with some anecdotes, and other entertaining matter / by James E. Seaver. 1824.

Publications of the Scottsville Literary Society. No. 4. Historical sketch of the Scottsville Literary Society, by Mary M. Fraser. 1911.

The Trial of James Lackey, Isaac Evertson, Chauncy H. Coe, Holloway Howard, Hiram Hubbard, John Butterfield, James Ganson, Asa Knowlen, Harris Seymour, Henry Howard, and Moses Roberts : for kidnapping Capt. William Morgan at the Ontario General Sessions held at Canandaigua, Ontario County, Aug. 22, 1827.

Wheatland, Monroe County, New York : a brief sketch of its history, by George E. Slocum. 1908.