Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at The Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County. We offer a unique opportunity to showcase your artwork and collectibles. The Anthony Mascioli Gallery is our main gallery and is in Hacker Hall on the first floor of the Rundel Memorial Building. The smaller Link Gallery is in the Link connecting the two library buildings. We encourage you to take a self-guided tour of the spaces before applying so that you are familiar with size limitations. Your exhibit will be viewed by people of all ages. Diversity is encouraged; however, the subject matter must adhere to The Central Library’s Mission and policies.

The Central Library accepts applications from individuals and organizations wishing to exhibit their materials in the library. The Central Library’s Exhibit Application must be filled out completely and signed. You must also submit a digital image of each piece you would like to exhibit. Please review the procedure and guidelines and gallery information listed below before submitting your application.

ONLINE EXHIBITOR APPLICATION   Downloadable ExhibitOR Application

Procedure and Guidelines


The Central Library enriches the quality of life in Rochester and Monroe County by providing educational, recreational, aesthetic, and informational materials, services, and programs to help people follow their own lines of inquiry and enlightenment. Through a partnership of public and private resources, the Library assists the City and County in meeting the needs of the community by operating The Central and Branch libraries, conducting outreach programs, and providing services to member libraries of the Monroe County Library System. In all its endeavors, the Library maintains and promotes the principles of intellectual freedom and equality of access.

Consideration Process

Applications are reviewed by The Exhibits Committee once a month. Criteria for consideration include visual interest, artistic quality, cultural, social, and historical relevance, and a contribution to diverse programs for the year. Applications and materials will be evaluated for compliance with this guideline, practicality of exhibit, fair access, and public benefits.

Exhibits accepted for gallery space will be given a timetable for setup, display, and removal. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to transport, set up, and remove the artwork.

The Exhibits Committee does not guarantee a specific exhibit date, and more than one show may occupy gallery space at the same time. However, a specific date will be assigned before any exhibit.


The Central Library exhibition spaces may not be used for overtly commercial or political purposes, for the solicitation of business, or for direct fundraising. The Central Library does not necessarily advocate or endorse the viewpoints of exhibitions or exhibitors.

The Exhibits Committee reserves the right to remove any exhibit at any time. The exhibitor cannot substitute other pieces for those approved by The Exhibits Committee, nor transfer their scheduled exhibit to another person or organization.


Although The Anthony Mascioli Gallery and the Link Gallery are monitored by security cameras, The Central Library is not responsible for the care and safety of the works displayed. The exhibitor understands that their work will be displayed in a public building that is open to all members of the community. After an exhibit, the exhibitor is responsible for removing the exhibit material. If exhibit pieces are left on the premises, and/or the exhibitor fails to remove their property, the library will make every attempt to contact the exhibitor. If material is left on site for one (1) month after the conclusion of the display, the library may sell, transfer or destroy the object.


All press releases and publicity materials must be submitted to The Exhibits Committee before publishing. The library requires the use of its logo as well as the following statement on all publicity materials: The Central Library is accessible to people with disabilities. To request specific accommodations, contact the Meeting Room Coordinator at (585) 428-8304 ten days before the program. The library will provide publicity via the library’s website. The accuracy of the information provided is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Any attempt to provide false information may result in the removal of the exhibit. Gallery receptions are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Information regarding dates, fees, and setup is available through the Meeting Room Coordinator.

Sales of Exhibited Artwork

Any sales must take place between the artist and buyer outside library premises, with no direct involvement of the library staff, the City of Rochester, or Monroe County. All items must remain on exhibit in the library until the end of the exhibit period.


Sculptures may be exhibited independently of hanging artwork as space allows, to be determined by The Exhibits Committee.


Collections may be exhibited as space allows. Acceptance is determined by the Exhibits Committee.

Reconsideration of Exhibits

Those who object to the content of any exhibit may submit a comment card, which will be reviewed at the next regular meeting of The Exhibits Committee.

Use of exhibit space outside of the Anthony Mascioli or Link Galleries

For use of exhibit space outside of the Anthony Mascioli or Link Galleries, please see the appropriate division.

Installation and Removal

The Exhibit Committee will schedule specific times to set up and remove the materials. These times will be scheduled during normal library operating hours. Materials may only be exhibited in the areas designated by The Exhibits Committee. The Exhibits Committee may instruct exhibitors concerning the exact placement of individual pieces.

This disclaimer will be posted in display areas: This exhibit area is available for use by community groups and individuals. The Exhibits are not intended to express the views of the library, its staff, the City of Rochester, or Monroe County. They represent the views of the group or individual preparing the exhibit.


Anthony Mascioli Gallery

Exhibit Mechanics

Anthony Mascioli Gallery
Anthony Mascioli Gallery

Link Gallery

Exhibit Mechanics
The Link Gallery’s exhibit hardware is designed to hold framed art and/or canvases with hanging wire on the back.

The total length of the available hanging track is approximately 58 feet. The wall space measures 7 feet from floor to lights. There are three sections of lights. The entire 58′ is available for hanging however if an exhibitor wishes to keep the pieces under the lights, the 2 outside sections are approximately 16′ and the middle section is about 10′.

The library provides vertical hangers that fit into the track. They are adjustable for the height of the hanging.

Exhibitors must bring all artwork to the library presentable and ready for hanging. Exhibitors must use existing hanging systems in the library, and cannot install any attachments to the walls, including tape or other adhesives.

View from the Rundel side of the LinkView from the B&L side of the Link
   Link Gallery views

Arts Division

Displaying work in the Eileen Riedman cases located in the Arts Division
These cases can be used to display smaller pieces of Artwork. If you have questions, please call the Arts & Literature Division at 585-428-8380.
Art Cases Exhibit Form

Art Display Cases

Table Case Dimensions
72” long by 36″ depth by 43″ high
The height of crossbar at the top of case from the bed of case is 14 3/8”
Height from bed of case to touching overhead glass in case 16”

Lighted Wall Display Case Dimensions
48″ long by 20″ deep by 77″ high
45 1/2” wide x 58” high (Interior space)
4 shelves, 2 for each side on brackets 22” wide x 14” deep