Life Records – Search Tips

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Record Types

The default search for the Life Records database is “birth”. Click on the downward arrow next to “Record Type” to select death and marriage record searches. A simultaneous search is not currently available.

Search by Name

Please note that name searches vary depending on the record type:

  • Birth records – Separate last, middle and first name fields are provided for the child’s name.
  • Death records – Name must be entered directory style (last name, comma, first name, middle name or initial – example: Doe, John Albert).
  • Marriage records – Separate first and last name fields are provided for both the bride and groom.

If you’re not sure of the spelling of a name, enter as much of it as you do know.  For example, entering the first name “Ste” will bring up both “Steven” and “Stephen”.


In general, limiting by paper is not necessary. The current papers included in the Life Records database are the (BR), Democrat and Chronicle (DC), and Times Union (TU).

Other Tips

  • Less specific searches are generally more effective and result in more matches.  Please keep in mind that the original information entered into the newspaper may be incomplete.  Narrowing by date, middle name or initial may be too specific and not provided in the original listing.
  • Not all records are included in the database.  If you do not find a match, please try searching other genealogical sources.