ONYX Deskset HD

Portable Video Magnifier

Thanks to the Friends and Foundation of Rochester Public Library, the Extension/Outreach Department was able to purchase an ONYX Deskset HD Video Magnifier: a portable document reader and distance viewing camera designed for the visually impaired. The high-definition camera and 20-inch HD monitor allows users to clearly see what they want—whether it be a PowerPoint being presented across the room or a document at their desk. Documents can be magnified up to 131 times their original size and there are 33 color modes to reduce glare and provide contrast to make it easier to read text on the screen. Adaptive technology, such as the ONYX Deskset HD, often comes with a prohibitively high price tag so we are excited to make this device available to all.

The ONYX Deskset may be borrowed by Monroe County libraries, community agencies, or senior living facilities for up to three weeks at a time. Please direct loan requests to extension@libraryweb.org.