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Welcome to the NYS Library of Cannabis. This free resource is brought to you by The Rochester Public Library, Women of Color in Cannabis (WOCC, pronounced WOKE!) and Founder of NYHempLab, Zach Sarkis. This exhaustive website is accessible for free to all and hosted by the Rochester Public Library for statewide access.

The books, recorded content and articles provided were curated by trusted subject matter experts in Cannabis. This resource is designed to assist users in gaining an understanding of the Cannabis plant, community, and industry. The collection of Cannabis-focused resources was developed with folks in mind who may not have the time or financial resources to pursue Cannabis education and/or business services.

Through the various pages and subsections of this site, you will be able to find information about Cannabis; including topics like Growing, the Supply Chain, Wellness and Business Development. We’ve also included resources and services from Cannabis organizations that can take you to the next step in your journey.


Welcome to the Resources hub. In this zone you can find a plethora of educational materials, ranging from biz plant & resume templates to skill building tools.


Welcome to the Cannabis “Legal” collection. In this section, you can learn about the War on Drugs, Cannabis prohibition, an overview of the NYS bill that legalized Recreational Cannabis use “MRTA” and more legal considerations. We’ve also included information about the conditional licenses currently and projected for the NYS market.

The Plant

This is the “The Plant” hub. Here we provide resources to provide a more technical, chemical understanding of the Cannabis plant.


The Cannabis plant is often referred to as plant medicine. In this Wellness section resources are provided that discuss how Cannabis can alleviate/treat mental and physical ailments, be incorporated into wellness practices as well as being used pre and post the birthing journey.

Business Development

If you need help in your professional development as an entrepreneur or if you are a business owner or looking to start a role / get a job in Cannabis this Business Development page is for you.

Supply Chain

Welcome to “The Supply Chain”, where we lay out the industry flow of businesses & processes that bring cannabis to market, from Seed to Sale. Whether you are building your own supply chain, or just curious to learn more about the different components in the industry, consider this your resource hub.


Welcome to the Services hub, a tool designed to serve as a resource for folks looking for particular support while operating in the cannabis space. From prerecorded content to live in person office hours, this page should have all you need to find answers to your cannabis industry questions.

Book List

These titles are available through the Monroe County Library System. Check with your local library to see what is available to you.

About Us

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